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Transformation, Contemplation, & Healing.

Creative Encounters Facilitated

Activating embodied technologies, and mobilizing indigenous research methodologies to deepen joy, cultivate community, and enrich human experiences.

Creative Practice

Highlight the studio’s expertise in capturing stunning influencer-style product photos. Showcase your team’s skills in creating visually appealing and on-brand content that helps clients effectively promote their products on social media platforms.

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Embodied Scholarship

Amplify your brand’s reach, connect with your audience authentically, and elevate your online presence. Let us transform influencers into your brand advocates, making waves in the digital world. Join us today and start your journey to influencer success!”

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Meetups & Workshops

Connect with industry experts, discover the latest trends, and gain hands-on experience. Our sessions provide insights and networking opportunities whether you’re looking to harness the power of influencers or an aspiring influencer eager to learn the ropes,

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Somatic & Sensory Workshops

Facilitating embodied individual and group encounters, workshops, and retreats for contemplation, transformation, and healing. Grounding all growth in innovative conceptions of personhood. Rituals of selfcraft, reigniting African neo-ancestral technologies to support enriched experiences.  Guided experiences that enhance creativity, improve team dynamics, increase generative capacity, and reawaken purpose. Understanding the connection between cognition and the body.  

Artificial Intelligence & Appropriate Technology

Ethical AI design and implementation of new technologies in African lifeworlds. Member of the AI 4 Afrika (AI4A) collegium and an affiliate of the Center of Arts Migration and Entrepreneurship (CAME). Sustainable data centricity, NLP for African Languages, digital intellectual property of underrepresented peoples, and assessments of policy impact and efficacy of current technologies on African and African diasporic spaces. Enriching current AI innovations by mobilizing various indigenous conceptual systems in AI design.

Coaching Services

Facilitating embodied experiences for personal transformation and improving quality of life. Cultivating authenticity, recognition and of values, standards, and aspirations. Activating the mindful mobilization of sentiment and perception. Mobilizing indigenous technologies of personhood, well-being, and reigniting purpose through cosmocentric, positive self-perception.

“Tawanda opens the space for new discussions, [space] to express ourselves.”

“I dealt with a lot emotionally but felt supported. I think I have a larger skillset than before the experience and feel more confident in myself.”

“I liked being led out of my comfort zone. I lived up to my expectations and feel reborn as an artist.”

“I had allowed my thoughts to control me. So, being taught how to release that was such a blessing.”

“I think Tawanda is…out of this world. Mentally and physically, it’s such a blessing to learn from a human who has so many different ways of viewing things.”

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