Tawanda is a  Zimbabwean-born dancer, visual artist, writer and scholar who’s work delves into practice-based research in interdisciplinary creative collaboration, transnational identities, and comparative African diaspora studies. He holds a B.A in Human Ecology, an M.F.A in Dance from Southern Methodist University, and works with visual and performance art, and creative writing ( he published his first novel Baobabs in Heaven in 2010). He was briefly artistic director of  Tumbuka Dance Company, and is currently a doctoral student in the Department of African American and African Studies at The Ohio State University. His research revolves around the body in postcolonial modernities, embodied knowledges, and the creative practices and processes of contemporary, African-born choreographers.

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This site details personal and collaborative creative work, research and scholarship examples of which are below:


– Tawanda

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