sculpture “Ori: Go(ur)dhead”/ photo by lauren pond

Tawanda’s current artwork contemplates embodiments of African philosophical percepts by re-visioning Black corpo-realities. His mixed media, palimpsestic approach to painting, sculpture and photography explores possibility of sustainable encounters between ancestralism and futurism within the Eternal Present of African philosophical time. Drawing on indigenous histories of esoteric symbology along with the commodification of the exoticized Black body, the work elevates the subtle tensions between representation become intervention. How can we use the perceptual inertia of the colonial gaze to transmute conceptions of Blackness; to articulate conceptions more resonant with Black Africana lived ontologies? The artworks are a product of the artist’s ongoing “material thinking” about:

…the body as the threshold of …a desensitized modernity…the sensuality of lived experience…the codification of beauty by colonial perceptual inertia…re-membering spiritual genealogies…unearthing indigenous Wisdom Traditions…mobilizing mis-perception as a weapon of ontological resistance…re-calibrating histories of alienation…activating indigenous technologies for sustainable human development…ultimately–in the the world we live in currently–joy is a revolutionary act, and creative practice is the weapon.